Lost City

symbol of exiled people whom are in search of lost city or a motherland

An Iranian mother, exiled in Nederland with her childrens who to obliges leave the territory by leaving her childrens under the supervision of the government, as a sign of protest against the decision of the Court, she burns herself in refugee’s camp…. 

A metamorphosed journey of “little fish” – which seeks to join the ocean and transformed into shawl, railroad to travel non where with the people without Land .

The rails occur without pause, in serche this lost city…

In the terminus of the train the younger refuge answers the question : – what do you seek?

– he said “Shut there are people here whom are actually sleeping”…and disappears in the black 

Return to artist Paris’s apartment and again image of the opening and the film this time deserted child- fish who be unaware of the answer to the following question: where is your house?

– Seeks my house…